Urawa-Red Diamonds FC is the most enthusiastic football club team known in Japan.

It is strongly suggested for anyone who loves sports to visit Saitama Stadium 2002 looking for exciting and energetic experience.

This team is also very well known to be a club with enthusiastic soccer fan top ranked in Asia!

Feel the high energy and shout together with the intense fans!

”We Are Reds!” 

”We Are Reds!!”   

”We Are Reds!!!”

Urawa Red-diamonds soccer fans are very aggressive, creative, well-organized.
Picture below is an manmade emblem of the club consisted of number of fans lining up together well-organized in a row.
It is very rare if you actually encounter fans creating manmade emblem design in the stadium.

Urawa-Red’s fan are capable of this and they take this action against the strong Team’s opponent matches.





Looking at the past this team started from the lower division league but now they are the biggest team in Japan. Some globally well known players also belong in this team.

Local Japanese players in this league all respect Urawa red diamonds for their aggressive fans and many players wish to spend their career once playing for this team and surrounded by the fans.





Here below you can see the Urawa Red diamond fan’s cheering for the team:

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